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31 October 2013

Hello friends, I am working on a new song and hope to have something for download by next Spring. Meanwhile our latest release of the song “If Only…” is for download exclusively via our store page. Click HERE to download it.


17 July 2013

Pleased to announce a Summer Concert Series at Romesco Restaurant in Bonita, CA. Tickets for this show includes dinner. For more information click here.

4346 Bonita Road
Bonita, California 91902


01 MAY 2013

The single 'If Only' is now available from the webstore.


28 November 2012

After almost 2 years. There is going to be a Faith Assembly show on the 1st of December in Riverside, CA.

December 1st 2012
Big Cheese Brewery
3397 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501

There will be 25 free copies of Windmills given out

Updates OCT 2012

31 OCTOBER 2012

The Red Ambition Animation is finally up in our “Gallery”. This completes a section of the Faith Assembly Website makeover. Thanks to all involved who brought this idea of mine from many years ago to life. It’s great to have a website that I can now feel proud to refer people too. We are going to be part of the latest A Different Drum release. It’s a compilation that will have a song contributed from many bands affiliated with ADD over the years. This seems like the perfect project for this new song I have been working on for the last year and half.

Thanks again to those of you who come and check in on us. I try to keep this band alive and breathing despite the changes going on. You’re support and love has never been taken for granted.

Updates and Things to Come

19 January 2012

We now have all the Lyrics for the song catalog posted. Next up are the MP3 Clips. All of this is located here in the ”Gallery” section. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook for sometimes the latest news can pop up there slightly more in advance before it makes its way here. The new song “If Only…” is still in production, but moving along to completion.

New Web Site

14 OCTOBER 2011

After what has admounted many years of figuring out how, what, and when. I am pleased to announce the relaunch of faithassembly.com. The idea for bringing the bands artwork to life has finally happened, check out the gallery section to see the animations. Over the next few weeks we will be adding new things to the site. So be sure to check back and have a look around.

New Tracks

13 OCTOBER 2011

Working on a new single entitled "If Only". It's still currently in production and expected to be completed sometime around the end of this year.

Live Shows

12 OCTOBER 2011

The idea of performing live seems to be coming back to the forefront. I'll post information that comes up in our "Live" page as soon as something solid comes up.

dream from arcadia
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